We have friends who support something called the Slut Walk. It is an incredibly powerful statement against the harassment of women on the streets around the world. It is a movement where women reclaim the street, they reclaim the urban railway network, they reclaim the night. And the day.

Reclaim. That is the mood. We thought we would walk the talk. But would it be enough just to walk? And was walking our strength? We realised that perhaps we could do more, something else. That’s how Fight Back began on our site www.whypoll.org.

We wanted a simple name. We wanted a name that could be converted easily into an insignia.


That became our sign. There is another reason for choosing this symbol. Our campaign for women’s safety in Delhi has three distinct aspects:


We are aiming to gather 100,000 online signatures in support of greater safety for women in the city. These signatures will be presented with a petition for greater security for women in the city to the Chief Minister of Delhi, the Home Minister of India (the Home Ministry shares responsibility for law and order in the capital) and the Delhi police chief.

All you need to do is go to www.whypoll.org and click on the [fB] logo on the home page to sign the campaign.


As part of the petition that we will present, will be a list that you will help us create. This will be the first ever,

List of the Most Unsafe Places for Women in Delhi

Created with the inputs of the citizens. What will happen if we do this? Two things. It will help us, ie Whypoll, create the first ever map of Delhi’s Most Unsafe Places for Women. Some of these places will be in the NCR or national capital region which includes NOIDA, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad and Faridbad, this is all right, since the map that we will create and which will be an online map and reference point for citizens and tourists will be of the entire Delhi and NCR region.

This will be a permanent feature on www.whypoll.org and it will tell citizens about the problematic areas – and also put those areas in constantly in focus for the police better security measures in those areas.

We are seeking hundreds of inputs of the most dangerous areas for women as part of the Fight Back campaign.

All you need to do is go to www.whypoll.org and click on the link that says CLICK HERE and you will be taken to a page where you can send us your inputs for the map.


This campaign will build up to a crescendo in September-October when Whypoll, along with its technological partner CanvasM (a Tech Mahindra company) will launch India’s first mobile application dedicated to women’s safety.

This will be the beginning of the new Whypoll which aims to use technology innovatively to solve need gaps between the government or governance and the people, you and me, and all the things that we are used to not getting, all the issues that never get solved.

We need you, yes you, as part of our journey. For the first time, technology has given the citizen unprecedented powers. With Whypoll, you can make the most of it to get better governance.


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