Folks, we start a unique experiment tomorrow.

For a few weeks now we have driven what is fast becoming Delhi’s biggest women’s safety campaign ever. The aim is to raise 100,000 on-line and on-ground signatures which is to be given to the office of Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit.

But we are not asking just for signatures, we are not signature-wallahs like so many NGOs. You are the right to know, we believe, what happens post signatures, post a walk?

So we are going to walk the talk so to speak. The signatures will be an opportunity for us to speak to you, to ask you is there a place in Delhi where you have felt threatened? Is there a street, bazaar, stretch or lane, alley or gully, a roundabout, a park, anywhere, any place that you fear in Delhi?

Well, if you do, then tell us – we are making, with your inputs, the biggest on-line map showing the problem areas in the city.

God forbid, if you have ever been hurt, anywhere in Delhi, tell us so that no one else ever is.

This map will be a permanent resource. Something that will perpetually be there, something that will perpetually alter and change depending on your inputs.

And it will always be accessible for free. It will tell citizens that their neighbourhoods need change (yes, even the worst places are neighbourhoods for some of us), it will tell tourists what places to avoid since many of them do not land knowing that this is, yes, it is impossible to avoid this, the Rape Capital of India.

All you need to join in is log on to http://www.whypoll.org, but do more, wouldn’t you? Come meet us at Select City Walk, one of the best malls in Delhi at Saket. (No, we are not saying its the best mall because they are supporting us, ask anyone who shops at Delhi malls, and they will tell us that Select is a class apart.)

You will see a photograph with this blog, it is of our new poster. And the [fB] that you see – well, you will soon know what that insignia means.

On Sep 30, we have a big launch of India’s first technology driven solution for women’s safety.

This is just the beginning.


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