Did you know that the Shahi Iman of Delhi’s Jama Masjid has a personal stake in the about-to-be-held Uttar Pradesh polls?

His son-in-law Umar Khan is the Samajwadi Party candidate from the Behat constituency of Saharanpur district (the other seats here is Nukkad, Saharanpur City, Saharanpur Rural and Deoband).

The Iman has his eyes on the ball




One thought on “The Shahi Iman in polls

  1. Shahi Imam’s work is to lead prayers and look after the the historical masjid and to utilise the funds in the maintainance of the it.To teach muslims to non violence, tolerence,and above all to follow Islam the right way.Islam is a peaceful religion not what the Imam portrays it as.Who is he to dictate terms to muslims .He’s no messiah but a devil in sheep’s clothing. No wonder Islam has a bad name when we appoint leaders like Massood,Azam Khan and the Shahi Imam.Jago mussalmano aur sur utha ki jiyo naki inke muhtaaj bankar.

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