This is the last of our set of questions for the first ever Millennium City Survey which aims are finding out primarily a list of the most unsafe places in Gurgaon and people’s attitude towards safety, especially women’s safety, in the satellite town. The places that we discover in this survey will go into a map of the most unsafe places in Gurgaon. Like the 100 Most Unsafe Places in Delhi / NCR that we did a few months ago (you can see this on http://www.whypoll.org). We have joined hands with the very prolific Richa Dubey and her Gurgaon Girlcott campaign to do this survey and our aim is to get as many respondents as possible. This continues our work on women’s safety from mapping Delhi / NCR on safety to launching the first ever harassment reporting platform on http://www.whypoll.org to launching Fight Back, the women’s safety mobile application with CanvasM (downloadable on http://www.whypoll.org) as a one-touch SOS device for women in danger. As you fill this, please send your Name – Age – Gender – Marital Status – With or without children – Do you primarily take public or private transport – Email to hindol@whypoll.org. We will not share these details. We will not spam you.


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